2007 Census says Siquijor Increased 1% in Annual total Population

Households increased by 2,429

The population of Siquijor was 87,695 persons as of August 1, 2007, based on the 2007 Census of Population (POPCEN 2007). This figure was higher by 6,097 persons over the population count of 81,598 persons in 2000. The recent population count for the province translates to an annual growth rate of 1.00 percent for the period 2000 to 2007, lower than the 2.19 percent annual growth rate registered for the period 1995 to 2000.

The number of households reached 19,780, which was 2,429 households more than the 2000 figure. The average household size in 2007 was 4.4 persons, which was slightly lower than the average household size of 4.7 persons in 2000. Read more here.

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